Heritage painting and waterproofing

Our Services

Our Services

We provide elastomeric coating systems and concrete waterproofing systems, which are two different services. We are fully insured and also offer discounts to all senior citizens.

Elastomeric Coating Systems

We service flat roofs, tile roofs, and asphalt composition roofs with elastomeric coating systems, which are environmentally friendly.  Our waterproofing warranty depends on the condition of the roof.  If the roof is in bad shape, we’ll guarantee our work for 10 or more years, and if the roof is in good condition, we can guarantee it for 25 years.  Applying a waterproofing membrane to any roof is much more cost-effective than replacing a roof.  Also, this system will lower the inside temperature of your home by 8 to 10 degrees, helping you save on utility bills.

Concrete Sealing Systems

We use a colorless, environmentally friendly waterproofing product, which is so technologically advanced that it outperforms all existing sealers and replaces membranes in many application requirements.  Concrete waterproofing treatments have a life expectancy similar to that of concrete. It reduces slipping and is therefore ideal for high traffic areas. It also prevents scaling and spalling. Pore blocking polymers seal the concrete, protecting it from further degradation of structures such as bridges, wharfs, concrete decks, planter boxes, balconies, sandstone and block work.  With this environmentally friendly method, there is no down time, which means that you can walk or drive on the substrate immediately.